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Library and Information Science Department

  • MLISc
  • Ph D

Course Structure: Master of Library & Information Science
Code Course Title
MLISc-101 Foundation of Library and Information Science
MLISc-102 Information Processing Organisation and Metadata (Classification and Cataloguing Theory
MLISc-103 Information Processing, Organisation and Metadata (Classification Practical's using latest edition of UDC and DDC
MLISc-104 Information Processing, Organisation and Metadata (Cataloguing Practicals using AACR)

Code Course Title
MLISc-201 Information sources, systems and services
MLISc-202 Information Technology Basic (Theory)
MLISc-203 Management of Library and Information Centres
MLISc-204 Information Service & Sources
(A) Information Sources (Journals )
(B) IT Basics (Practical)
(C) Educational Tour Report

Code Course Title
MLISc-301 Communication and Information Science
MLISc-302 Information Consolidation, Storage and Retrieval
MLISc-303 Information Technology Applications (Theory)
MLISc-304 Information Technology ( Practicals )

Code Course Title
MLISc-401 Information Technology & Networking
MLISc-402 Research Methods and Statistical Techniques
MLISc-403 Elective:
MLISc-404 Dissertation/Project Work

MLIS - 403 Elective
Code Course Title
MLIS-403-1 Information Literacy
MLIS-403-2 Knowledge Management
MLIS-403-3 Technical writing & professional communication
MLIS-403-4 Biblometrics, Scientometrics, Informetrics and Webmetrics
MLIS-403-5 Integrated Information Systems and Services
MLIS-404-6 Marketing of Information Products and Services